About us

Favsbjerg Naturhostel is a life’s work.

It all started with a field, then came a lake, then came a bench by the lake.

One afternoon, Leo and his wife Gisela sit and enjoy the view by the lake, and talk about putting up a few more benches so that neighbors and people from the neighborhood could take a walk around the lake and enjoy their packed lunches.

As is often the case with good ideas, they tend to take hold read more about us here

And now 20 years laters you will see
  • More lakes
  • More benches
  • Beautiful rustic cabins
  • Sea kitchen
  • Company room
  • The most beautiful trail systems for a good walk
  • playground
  • Possibility of a camp school stay
  • Constant development and focus on creating an even better framework

Just look at our Facilities

Next to Leo and Gisela, there is also Benjamin, who is a super important part of everyday life.
Benjamin is firm with the tools together with Leo, and they are rarely seen without work clothes and tools.

As something new

Are Tobias and Charlotte also to be found at Favsbjerg Naturhostel.
Tobias runs Kaalhovedet. Kaalhovedet focuses on green and climate-friendly dishes.
Behind every strong man is also a strong woman, and this is where Charlotte comes into the picture.
She has the large, chrome-plated overview, and keeps track of bookings and accountings.

Common to all 5 individuals is

The passion for the good guest experience and hospitality.

From the moment You step out of the car or jump off the bike, you feel welcome at Favsbjerg Naturhostel. The About Us page has been the most difficult to get started on, as Leo and Gisela are very humble people, and that only makes the whole experience stronger, they see the place is beautiful, but as they live here and see it every day, they don’t see the same WAAAUW experience as those seeing it for the first time. 

Favsbjerg Naturhostel is a little hidden gem outside Hellevad in Southern Jutland. We are close to Rødekro and Aabenraa, but have guests from all over the country. This “about us” page will be continuously updated with blog posts, because we are so proud of what is being built and manufactured, and now we are ready to share this well-kept gem.

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