In the middle of nature

Læs mere

Free space in nature

Søhytten 110m2 med plads til ca 60 personer

Sea Cabin

Fully furnished with space for approx. 60 guests.
The lake cabin is approximately 110 m2 in size. It is equipped with rustic handmade furniture.
There is a bar, and the most beautiful floating bridge outside on the lake

Søkøkkenet udendørs køkken

Sea kitchen

A 35 m2 large rustic kitchen with pizza oven, grill, fridge, large work surface, hot water and hygienic sink. When there are several chefs on duty, this kitchen is great.

Familiehytterne, Fausbjerg Naturhostel

Family Cabins

The family cabins are also our disabled-friendly cabins. equipped with outdoor kitchen and small indoor kitchenette

Vildmarksbad, Fausbjerg Naturhostel

Wilderness bath

Our luxery wilderness bath can be rented for your stay. they are portable and can come very close to your cabin.

Terrængående kørestol, Favsbjerg Naturhostel

Terrain wheelchairs

The space must be accessible to everyone. therefore disabled people or people with walking difficulties can borrow one of our wheelchairs.

Logo, Favsbjerg Naturhostel


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Events for larger groups

Our greatest strength is a beautiful wedding with accommodation.

Many families are scattered around the country, at Favsbjerg Naturhostel you can gather the whole family, regardless of whether it is a wedding, confirmation, baptism or something else entirely. We have room for you.

Favsbjerg Naturhostel is a 15 ha. large natural plot, with beautiful specially created lakes. The entire plot is designed with a lot of charming nooks and crannies, which means that you cannot see the whole area from one place. The small nooks give a feeling that you have the space to yourself.

The lovely nature provides space for peace and thought. We have the most beautiful surroundings for every event.

It could be, for example
  • Company parties
  • Confirmations
  • Wedding with overnight stay
  • Baptism
  • Meetings

At Favsbjerg Naturhostel we are lucky enough to have our very own chef, perhaps you already know him, otherwise he can be found here Kaalhovedet

Regardless of your arrangement,

contact us via email:

Please include your phone number in the email so we can contact you.

arrangement, Favsbjerg Naturhostel

Arrangement, Favsbjerg Naturhostel

Familietid, Favsbjerg Naturhostel

Familietid, Favsbjerg Naturhostel

Accessibility for all

At Favsbjerg Naturhostel, we have a great desire for the areas on site to be accessible to everyone as far as possible.

It starts in the planning phase, when we get ideas for new initiatives. We keep this in mind when we create trail systems, places, access to the lakes, fire pits, seating groups etc.

Therefore, it is also easy for wheelchair users to enjoy our facilities at Favsbjerg Naturhostel. Skip directly to amenities by clicking HERE It has precisely been the basis for, among other things, to develop two cabins, with associated wheelchairs, which have off-road properties.

Favsbjerg Naturhostel is also for families with children, and we already have really good areas to play on, and there are big plans for more, which we look forward to opening. Therefore, you can safely book events with a mixture of children and adults, because there is plenty for the children to have fun with.

terrængående kørestol, Favsbjerg Naturhostel