Stay in the middle of nature

Cabins at Favsbjerg Naturhostel for all holidaymakers. The cabins are of different character, read more on this page Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, or perhaps a larger group, we have several accommodation options. Our cabins can be rented from 2 nights, and chef Tobias can of course put together the perfect menu for you Read more about each cabin and what they contain below. For questions and booking

Please include a telephone number in the email and we will call you.

En kølig drink i cafeen
buffet i Søhytten

The Sea Cabin

The lake cabin is approximately 110 m2 in size. The lake cabin is fully furnished with space for approx. 60 people. Tables as well as chairs are beautiful rustic and not least handmade furniture, which gives a very special beautiful look, which fits the Søhytten perfectly. There is of course plenty of glasses, plates, cutlery and the like in the cabin, so it is not necessary to bring it yourself.

What about food and drinks?

As the icing on the cake, there is also a specially designed corner bar in Søhytten. And here with us, you are welcome to bring your own drinks! When you rent Søhytten, the lake kitchen is also available, and here there is a grill and pizza oven. You can of course also opt for the completely luxurious resort and let Tobias from Kaalhovedet cater the party. Tobias has his daily routine at Favsbjerg, together with his better half, Charlotte.

What about music then?

It is of course possible to hire a music system for the party. Or you can hire a band or DJ. Outside The Sea Cabin we have a floating bridge, which can be used for entertainment. The lake cabin is really good for large groups, for example a family reunion or camp school stay. Unlike the vast majority of other party venues, Favsbjerg Naturhostel offers overnight accommodation after the party (up to 32 people) in our hobby cabins. It is a simple with good accommodation. and the following day the cafe can arrange breakfast. There are really beautiful outdoor areas that you can walk on between courses, please see more HERE At the bottom of the page you will find our contact form, and you are more than welcome to send us an email. We are always happy to show you around the place before you decide whether we should facilitate your next party.

Dronebillede Favsbjerg Naturhostel hytter
søkøkken Hytter
Buffet søhytten Hytter
søhytten hytter
mad på grillen Søkøkken

Wheelchair accessible cabins / Family cabins

Cabins”Alpha” and “Omega”

The cabins are both our family cabins, but also our wheelchair-accessible cabins.

There is plenty of space to get around, and the houses are designed in consultation with a wheelchair user, to ensure that we have seen the details that can be difficult to get around if you are in a wheelchair.

Our cabins are moveable, which practically means that the cabins can be placed in several different locations, feel free to contact us and see if your wish can be fulfilled in terms of location.

The cabins are 19 m2, mobile and fully insulated and with their own heating system. They are furnished with  sliding doors, a small emergency toilet in the middle of the carriage (cassette toilet) and a small bedroom with two beds. There is a smaller living room with two bunk beds, a small fridge, coffee machine and electric kettle. In addition, there is an outdoor kitchen with a grill and 2 gas burners as well as a table/bench set, covered with a sun sail just outside the cabin. The cabins and furniture are handmade, it gives a natural and rustic look, which is completely in the spirit of how we want the holiday in nature to look like.